Welcome to the New York Area Vulvodynia/Vestibulitis Support Association

The following is a schedule of our upcoming meetings until December 2015.   Please make note of the dates.


                                                                                       Tuesday, January 27 - This meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather

                                                                                       Tuesday, March 24

                                                                                       Tuesday, May 19  

                                                                                       Tuesday, September 29

                                                                                       Tuesday, December 1






                                                                                       From 6:30 to 9:30


                                                                                       Seafarer's International House

                                                                                       123 East 15th Street

                                                                                       (between 15th and Irving Place) 

                                                                       There will be signs posted directing you to the room.


This is a support group for women suffering from vulvodynia, vestibulitis, pelvic pain or any type of vulvar pain.  The group meets every other month (excluding the Summer) in Manhattan.  At the meetings, a small to medium-sized group of women who currently suffer from this disorder or who have suffered from it in the past, come together to discuss experiences, treatments, doctors and the day-to-day management of the disorder.  At some meetings, guest speakers are featured, usually people in the medical field who have experience treating the disorder.  If you wish to be added to our mailing list or to give us a change in your contact information, email us at nyvsa@aol.com.  The yearly membership for this support group is $25.00. This helps to pay for the rental of meeting facilities, the mailings, and web site domain charges.  You can pay at the meeting itself or send us a check.  To find out where to send the check to, please send us an email at nyvsa@aol.com.  Please note that you don't have to become a member to come to one of our meetings. 


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